Florida State University/Florida Department of Corrections Art Therapy in Prisons Program are now looking for two new full-time art therapists.

If interested:
For consideration, please submit all requested information online. If it does not matter which position you wish to apply for, it is recommended you submit your material to both:
The link to begin the search is found here:
Then enter one of two numbers in the Search Jobs box, one designated for each location:
Position 1:enter number 48991 [North Panhandle region]
Position 2: enter number 48972 [Lake City region]
The position that comes up is listed as a Health and Human Services Specialist position; this is how the art therapy position is categorized through the University.
Hit the tab of the position that comes up and follow the instructions on the following page.
Please note: If you are having difficulty accessing these links, you may need to register on the jobs.fsu.edu homepage as a “new user”. The links would then direct you to the appropriate sites. If not you can go to the website directly and then search for the jobs


    I would like to share a potential job opportunity for an art therapist, which would be a first at our retirement community!  Our long-time art instructor is retiring and we have opened the position up for the potential for an art therapist.  Though I am the music therapist in our retirement community and do not work for our Human Resources Department, I am excited at the thought of having an art therapist (and other creative arts therapist) join our community - hence the impetus to reach as many potential art therapist candidates as possible. Please feel free to pass along the attached job description and the following links to view and apply for the job: https://secure6.entertimeonline.com/ta/6043051.careers?CareersSearch OR https://www.svwc.org/s/careers. 


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Abigail D’Arcangelis, MT-BC, HPMT, NMT/F, CDP, CDSGF

Music Therapist & Internship Director
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Shenandoah Valley Westminster-Canterbury
300 Westminster-Canterbury Drive
Winchester, VA 22603
(540) 542-0656 office

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