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Want to become more involved in building the Kansas and Kansas City area art therapy community?  Consider becoming a board member.  KATA has many opportunities to contribute your strengths, from conference planning to membership outreach.  

How to Join

New or Current Members

Joining KATA is simple and rewarding!

For Professionals:

Step 1: Join AATA (The American Art Therapy Association) by going to their website www.arttherapy.org and following their process to join.

Step 2: Add the Kansas Art Therapy Association to the basket and your appropriate professional level

Step 3: All done! Welcome to KATA!

Member benefits include:

  • discounted registration fees for KATA events including the annual conference 
  • networking advantages
  • Adding you practice information to the KATA website referrals directory
  • Vote on decisions pertaining to the Kansas art therapy community
  • Regular email communication about local events and jobs .
  • Notification of KATA meetings  and events.

Contact our president at kansasarttherapy@gmail.com for more information. 

***ATTENTION*** The Kansas Art Therapy Association has added the option to become a KATA “friend”.
The Friend category is for those who want to be advised of programs but who may not vote or hold office and is intended for individuals interested in art therapy, who wish to support the purposes and objectives of the Chapter, but not professional art therapy who are working in the field. The Friend category is also available to persons residing outside the geographical boundaries of the Chapter.  KATA friends do not need to need to be a member of  AATA (the American Art Therapy Association). To join as a KATA Friend go to www.arttherapy.org find the Kanas Art Therapy Association under the “Join Now” link and select the “Kansas Friend” option for $15.