Saturday September 26

8:30- Welcome and Orientation

9:00-10:30 (choose one)
Use of Art Interventions to Deescalate Elementary Students in Crisis - Anna Brink, ATR, LPC, NCC

The National Survey of Children’s Health’s 2016 survey showed 46% of children in the U.S. had experienced at least one adverse childhood experience (ACE), and for adolescents aged 12-17, this number increases to 55%. Then approximately 1 in 5 children had two or more ACEs. Children with trauma have a smaller window of tolerance, making them more likely to experience behavioral escalations in their home and school setting. This presentation outlines the use of art interventions to deescalate children presenting at various stages of escalation in an elementary school setting. 

Using Bridge Drawings in Addiction Treatment Groups to Promote Personalized Understandings of the Stages of Change - Libby Schmanke, ATR-BC, ATCS, LCPC, MAC

11:00-12:30 (choose one)
Professional Issues in the Context of Racism - Kimberly Nguyen, ATR-P, LPC & Charles Anderson, ATR

COVID-19 and the recent murders of Black people have significantly impacted people of color. In this presentation, we will discuss culturally appropriate approaches with clients and co-workers. In the end we will answer audience questions about professional issues, particularly in the context of racism.

Exploring Anger and its Purpose Through Art - Wendy Lynch, MS, LPC

12:30-1:00- Lunch Break and Virtual Meet and Greet/ Kansas Art Therapy Updates - Clara Corn, KATA President

1:30-3:00 (choose one)
Covid-19 Tips and Tricks: Digital Art Therapy in Person and via Telehealth - Dr. Jessica Woolhiser, ATR-BC, LMHP

Clay Animals Art Therapy Intervention- Tina Brackman, MS, LPC

3:30-5:00 (choose one)
Art as a Way to Master Malady- Noel Kearns, ATR-BC

Q&A Panel: Art Therapy in Schools -Amy Nadler MA, ATR-BC and Anna Brink ATR, LPC, NCC

In this presentation you will learn about art therapy in school based environments.  Amy and Anna will share their experiences and clinical approaches used in providing services  to children in schools.  Audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussions to explore the unique challenges and strengths of art therapy in school settings.  

Sunday September 27

8:30- Welcome and Orientation

9:00-10:30 (choose one)
Exploring Identity and Building Cultural Self Awareness - Clara Corn, MS, ATR

Q&A Panel: Building Your Own Art Therapy Program or Practice - Cara Weeks Neuburger, LCPC, ATR, Katie Francis, ATR, LPC, &  Jessica Muret, ATR, LSCSW

In this presentation participants will learn strategies and practical tips for charting your own territory and creating your own art therapy program or practice.   Cara, Katie, and Jessica will share their experiences in program development and strategies for translating dreams of starting your own art therapy program into reality.    Audience members will be able to ask questions and gain feedback about program development. 

11:00-12:30 (choose one)
Art Therapy with Adolescents - Taylor Croan MS, PLSPC, MAADC II

Mindfulness in Art Therapy - Vivian Mosier, MS, LPC & Barbara Baeuchle, LPC, ATR

12:30-1:00- Lunch Break and Open Forum: Strategies for responding to the now, Covid-19, BLM and beyond. - Katie Francis, ATR, LPC, &  Jessica Muret, ATR, LSCSW

1:30-3:00 (choose one)
Art Therapy and Chronic Depression: Helping Clients Manage Suicidality and Self Harm - Katie Brewer, MS, LPC, ATR-BC

Q&A Panel: What to Expect from an Art Therapy Internship -   Libby Schmanke, ATR-BC, ATCS, LCPC, MAC, Raven Milam, MS,  & Taylor Croan MS, PLSPC, MAADC II

In this presentation participants will get an insiders view of what art therapy internship sites are like as well as tips for selecting internship sites that will fit with professional goals.   Libby will share her perspectives as the internship site coordinator in the art therapy graduate program at Emporia State University.  Raven and Taylor will share examples of what internship sites are like and how they work with graduate students as site supervisors  to prepare students for their art therapy careers. .  Audience members will have opportunities to ask questions and engage in interactive discussions. 

3:30-5:00 (choose one)
Meeting Clients Where They Are: Strategies to Adapt Your Directives and Materials - Julie Roush, MS, ATR

This presentation will provide an opportunity to learn about strategies for working with people experiencing cognitive impairments of varying degrees and origins, the need to make adaptions to your materials as well as your approach to individuals and groups.
To participate in the art experience shared during the presentation your will need:  gloves, cotton balls, crayons, paper, sunglasses, tissues and hand cream. You may not need all. can use what you have on hand.

3-D Printing Pen Family Intervention - Laurel Brenner Guess, AT, LPCType your paragraph here.

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Charles Anderson, ATR

Charles Anderson, ATR, is a pioneer in the field of art therapy and has been in the field for almost 30 years.  He founded AATA’s Mosaic Committee, which is known today as the Multicultural Sub-Committee.  Anderson has been an adjunct faculty at Avila College in KansasCity, Missouri and at Emporia State University , where he taught both an art therapy course and a multicultural course.

Anna Brink, ATR-P, LPC, NCC

​Anna Brink has provided mental health services to children and adolescents across various settings, including an acute inpatient hospital, in-home, and a school setting. Anna is currently a school-based therapist in the North Kansas City School District in Kansas City, MO, through Synergy Services School-Based Program. This program provides individual, group, and family mental health services to various school districts in Missouri. This population faces high rates of trauma, which can impede the student’s ability to succeed in an academic setting. Synergy Service’s program aims to meet children within the school setting to reduce barriers to accessing mental health services in the community. Anna works closely with students, educators, and families to provide a holistic approach to mental health services. 

Raven Milam, MS

Raven works at Valeo Behavioral Health Care as an art therapist, working with individuals who experience severe mental illness  in a community mental health setting.  Raven utilizes humanist and person centered approaches to art therapy.  She additionally supervises art therapy interns and assists with the Creations of Hope gallery, a partnership of artists dedicated to the mission of mental health awareness in downtown Topeka KS.

Jessica Muret, ATR, LSCSW

Jessica Muret received her Master of Science in Art Therapy from Emporia State University in 2004, and her Master of Social Work in 2011. She
has over fifteen years of experience working with non-profits and is versed providing Art Therapy with a focus in Trauma Informed Care,
Motivational Interviewing, and Restorative Practices. Jessie has a passion for building resiliency, hope and creative healing with those she works
with. She prides herself in being an advocate for at-risk populations including individuals who have experienced sexual assault, domestic violence,
human trafficking, abuse and neglect. Jessica is currently a owner of Creative Bliss Therapy LLC where she works as an Art Therapist and
provides therapy as a Clinical Social Worker at the Creative Learning Community School and EMPAC, an employee assistance program.

Amy Nadler, MA, ATR-BC

Amy Nadler is a registered and board certified art therapist whois currently working for the Shawnee Mission School District.  She graduated from the Art Therapy Counseling program at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville in 2000.  During the first part of her career, Amy was employed by psychiatric hospitals and residential treatment facilities for children and adolescents.  In addition to art making, she enjoys creative outlets such as baking and grading, and aspires to write and illustrate a book one day. 

Kimberly Nguyen, ATR-P, LPC

Kimberly Nguyen, ATR-P, LPC. is an art therapist at a forensic state hospital located in Southern California.  Kimberly earned her Bachelor of Arts in art history at the University of Oklahoma and her two Master of Science degrees in art therapy and clinical counseling from Emporia State University. Her professional interests include cultural art therapy, and in particular, how to make art therapy more accessible to communities of color.

Julie Roush, MS, ATR

Julie Roush, MS, ATR is a 1995 ESU graduate working with people in long term care facilities, rehabilitation facilities and day service programs for adults for thirteen years.  She owns Artfully Yours LLC Traveling Art Therapy, which operates through out the Kansas City Metro area. 

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